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connect with the universe in the body

Our bodies try to keep the best balance of everything

It can be physical positions, mental status, emotions, yin/yang balance, positive/negative balance, metabolism, endocrine, etc. It is as if the cosmic universe maintain by keeping the best balance. It is possible to treat your body and mind and become healthy or reduce pains by using your body’s natural capability of keeping the balance. This journey is one for you to explore the universe in your body. Notice the universe of your own, connect it; thus you know more about your body and to realize how important you are, which makes you take care more of yourself. Your body and mind will align more and become healthier and eventually happier. Be aware, nurture and embrace your universe. Align with the will of the universe . I would like to assist your journey through my therapies
“Contributing to people and society through hands, senses and compassion” Maki Nagao